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Polyploid Induction & Developement


GardenGenetics® can provide mutation induction services (including polyploidization) in both monocot and dicot plant species. Mutagenesis techniques use chemical and/or radiological mutagens under extremely controlled experimental conditions. Polyploid induction techniques utilized include the use of natural and synthetic compounds which temporarily disrupt the cellular cytoskeleton during mitosis.

Newly induced plant mutants (including polyploids) tend to grow slowly and erratically, requiring careful isolation of mutant tissue. GardenGenetics® has the expertise to recover and propagate mutant tissue; to produce advanced lines of seed-propagated mutants; and to determine the inheritance of the recovered mutants.

Mutation induction of vegetative material frequently creates cytochimerae. This phenomenon occurs when a section or layer of the treated plant tissues contains both mutant and non-mutant tissue. Cytochimerae can exhibit all potential variations of chimeral composition, and these variations may not be easily discerned by eye. Please be aware that no research lab can guarantee stable mutation induction or polyploidization without extensive grow-outs of both vegetatively and seed-propagated populations. GardenGenetics® can provide these follow-up services at your request, including verification of ploidy by flow cytometry.

GardenGenetics® can provide mutation induction and polyploidization services in these kinds of plants:

  • Annuals (seed- and vegetatively-propagated)
  • Herbaceous and woody perennials Flowering trees
    and shrubs
  • Herbs, botanicals, medicinals, and natural product crops
  • Florist crops

GardenGenetics® can use both seed and vegetative plant material as germplasm sources for mutation or polyploidization. Where possible following induction, we prefer to conduct seed-propagated grow-outs of induced mutants polyploids prior to final selection. Grow-out and selection follow-up services are available at your request.