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Breeding For Chemical Compositions

Natural product enhancement and development

GardenGenetics® maintains strong working relationships with some of the most sophisticated analytical chemistry research laboratories in the world. Our experience with breeding for natural product chemistries is both broad (across many species) and deep (using extremely sophisticated
analytical technologies).

Efficient screening for chemical composition

... requires that you are able to analyze the chemical composition of thousands of individuals in a segregating population. GardenGenetics® researchers have the experience to develop rapid screening techniques, from high-tech robotic sample preparation and state-of-the-art analytical technologies, to classic TLC, to novel proprietary in-the-field tests which GardenGenetics® can develop specifically for your project. Our goal is to provide a simple yet elegant solution to the issue of high volume sample analysis.

Plus and minus

Selection pressure can not only increase the yield of an individual compound, it can also decrease or eliminate an undesirable compound. The use of comfrey (Symphytum spp.) as a forage crop in Europe had been limited by the presence of undesirable concentrations of pyrrolidizone alkaloids. By the use of traditional plant breeding and relatively straightforward analytical chemistry, varieties with extremely low alkaloid content were developed. The minimization of alkaloid content in comfrey enabled the use of improved varieties as a high-yielding forage crop. GardenGenetics® can assist you in enhancing the chemical composition of your natural product crops in either an additive or subtractive manner.

No GMOs required!

By combining traditional plant breeding with modern analytical chemistry, GardenGenetics® can enhance the specific chemical composition of your natural product crop as well as increasing its overall yield. These product improvements are available WITHOUT transgenic genetic engineering. There are no GMOs required to enhance and improve the composition of your natural product crop.



  • specific chemical composition
  • enhanced flavor and odor composition
  • improved yield
  • enhanced processed qualities


  • enhanced specific chemical composition
  • specific nutraceutical composition
  • specific natural product composition
  • improved yield, both biomass and product
  • enhanced processing qualities

Other natural products:

  • flavors
  • fragrances
  • pigments and natural colorants
  • biochemicals
  • phytopharmaceuticals

If your natural product is produced in a field-grown plant, GardenGenetics® can enhance its composition and yield.