New aerial photo, GardenGenetics' research farm

Those of you who have been following G2 for awhile might be interested in this photo.

farm jun 2011 good1 web.JPG


We've changed a lot since we built the greenhouses in 2007/8.  The farm is essentially fully in use except for a three-quarter acre piece which has been maintained as an organic plot since 1996.  We are currently keeping G2's organic plot in rotating cover crops, as we attempt to bring the perennial weeds under control. 

Total area of the farm is just over 21 A (about 8.5 ha).  Buildings, roadways, and non-tillable spaces take up about half of that area, so we've got about 10 A in research plots available in any given year.  2011 turned out to be the first year that we are "out of field space". 

If you are planning on doing research trials with G2 in 2012, please be sure to book them early.  Field space is becoming a modest constraint. 



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